North Brunswick Senior Housing is located at 740 Hermann Road in North Brunswick, NJ. It is conveniently located adjacent to the North Brunswick Municipal Building and Police Department, and is less than two blocks from shopping, the Township Library and the Senior Citizens Center.

North Brunswick Senior Housing is managed by the North Brunswick Housing Corporation, a clergy-driven non-profit organization that has been providing housing for low and moderate income senior citizens since the building first began operating in 1996.

The building is four stories high and is serviced by two elevators. All 150 apartments have one bedroom, but there are two distinct models. All residents of the building must have an annual income at the time they apply that does not exceed 60% of the median income for the region.

As of April 1, 2016, the maximum annual income for a single person who is living alone is $44,100. The maximum annual income for a two person household is $50,400.

All apartments have a combined living room/dining room and a contemporary kitchen and bath. There are two distinct unit types referred to as the A Unit and the B Unit.

The A Unit is approximately 600 square feet in size. A floor plan is attached below.

The B Unit is a little larger, measuring approximately 680 square feet. The additional square footage in the B Unit allows for a larger eat-in kitchen, a larger bathroom and a walk- in closet in the bedroom. A floor plan is also attached.

The monthly rent for an A Unit as of April 1, 2017 is $868 per month. The rent for a B Unit is $1023 per month. The rent includes heat and hot water and free parking. The only utilities paid by residents are electric, telephone and cable.

In order to ensure that residents are not overly burdened by the monthly rent, all applicants with an annual income that does not equal or exceed our minimum required income are required to have a guarantor on the lease. The guarantor will also be required to sign the lease, and must submit to a credit check and must own a home to qualify as guarantor. The minimum income to qualify to rent an A Unit without a co-signor is $17,100. The minimum income to rent a B Unit without a co-signor is $20,600.

All applicants will be required to undergo a criminal background check, and any applicant who is rejected based upon the results of this criminal background check will be provided with the reasoning for rejection.

North Brunswick Senior Housing is an ideal place to call home. Not only do we offer lovely apartments which are described in more detail on our “Building Features” page, but we also provide our senior residents with social interaction and activities throughout the year.

Our spacious community room allows daily activity and can be reserved for special occasions. North Brunswick Senior Housing staff plans parties for holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and much more. On special occasions entertainers join our residents for sing-a-longs.

Tuesday and Saturday evenings are reserved for bingo, and a movies are shown in the community room. We foster the interaction of our residents with youth groups such as Girl Scouts of America, as well as students from local schools. The property management team takes pride in planning fun-filled activities for the residents.

Once a week, Parker Homes offers a very popular on-site adult social day program.

We also have a social worker who is available to North Brunswick Senior Housing residents during regularly scheduled hours.

The building is also located within a seven minute ride to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and St. Peters Hospital.

There is a bus stop located right in front of the building to provide access to several other shopping areas, and the Township offers once a week bus service to several grocery stores in close proximity.

The goal of the North Brunswick Housing Corporation and management staff has always been to provide a caring and nurturing environment for our residents, and to provide courteous and friendly service.

The management team works hard to maintain a clean, beautiful building, where quality and service is a number one priority. North Brunswick Senior Housing is not just a place to live…IT IS A HOME!

About Us

North Brunswick Senior Housing is NOT a federally subsidized apartment building. However, rents are several hundred dollars below market rate apartments in the area.

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